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夜間 by 蘆丹氏 A La Nuit by Serge Lutens by 洛艾維 A Mi Aire by Loewe三宅一生氣息 by 三宅一生 A Scent by Issey Miyake by Issey Miyake香花 by 三宅一生 A Scent Florale by Issey Miyake魅力星光大道 by 紀梵希 Absolutely Irresistible by Givenchy獨我 by 艾斯卡達 Absolutely Me by Escada烏木 by Accord Oud by Byredo水香 by 羅伯特.卡佛烈 Acqua by Roberto Cavalli寄情水 by 亞曼尼 Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani海藍寄情水 by 亞曼尼 Acqua Di Gioia by Giorgio Armani溫柔寄情 by 亞曼尼 Acqua Di Gioia Eau Fraiche by Giorgio Armani海藍寄情精粹版 by 亞曼尼 Acqua Di Gioia Essenza by Giorgio Armani彭瑪之源 Acqua Di Parma佛洛倫天娜 by 克烈特 Acqua Fiorentina by Creed彭瑪之源之水 by 彭瑪之源 Acqua Nobile Series by Acqua Di Parma亞當列維 by 亞當列維 Adam Levine by Adam Levine亞當列維 Adam Levine魅惑 by 迪奧 Addict by Christian Dior誘吻沁甜 by 迪奧 Addict 2 Eau Fraiche by Christian Dior魅惑甜悅 by 迪奧 Addict Eau Delice by Christian Dior魅惑清新 by 迪奧 Addict Eau Fraiche by Christian Dior紫戀魅惑 by 迪奧 Addict Eau Sensuelle by Christian Dior誘惑摩登 by 迪奧 Addict To Life by Christian Dior阿迪達斯 Adidas維特汀尼 Adrienne Vittadini女冒險家 by Adventuress by Boadicea The Victorious探險 by 雅詩蘭黛 Adventurous by Estee Lauder密使 by 密使 Agent Provocateur by Agent Provocateur密使 Agent Provocateur洛艾維之水 by 洛艾維 Agua De Loewe by Loewe活力之泉 by 洛艾維 Agua de Loewe Ella by Loewe暢遊地中海 by 洛艾維 Agua de Loewe Mediterraneo by Loewe by Agua De Rocio by Victorio & Lucchino愛格納 Aigner愛格納皮革 by 愛格納 Aigner In Leather by Aigner愛格納星光 by 愛格納 Aigner Starlight by Aigner艾薇兒 國際 Air Val International by Al Jana by SoOud雪花石 by 香蕉共和 Alabaster by Banana Republic瓦化遜 Alfred Sung亞里時代 by 雅詩蘭黛 Aliage by Estee Lauder異形 by 泰尼莫格勒 Alien by Thierry Mugler異國清流 by 泰尼莫格勒 Alien Aqua Chic by Thierry Mugler異形精純精華 by 泰尼莫格勒 Alien Essence Absolue by Thierry Mugler傾城之魅 by 香奈兒 Allure by Chanel感性步伐 by 香奈兒 Allure Sensuelle by Chanel誘人 by Alluring by Boadicea The Victorious再見蒂婀 by 藍色和平 Aloha Tiare by Comptoir Sud Pacifique艾麗莎 Alyssa Ashley不凋之花 by 潘海利根 Amaranthine by Penhaligon's愛慕 by 紀梵希 Amarige by Givenchy驚訝 by 比爾布拉斯 Amazing by Bill Blass無上優雅 by 自然哲理 Amazing Grace by Philosophy夏戀 by 愛馬仕 Amazone by Hermes琥珀 by 回憶 Ambre by Reminiscence琥珀和香草 by E 高雷 E CoudrayAmbre & Vanille by E. Coudray光琥珀 by 普蘿法摩 Ambre D'Or by Il Profvmo琥珀香 by 安琪舒樂莎 Ambre Frais by Angel Schlesser by 皮雅帕門 Ambre Gris by Pierre Balmain橙色蘇丹 by 蘆丹氏 Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens美洲 by 非凡人物 America by Perry Ellis紫水晶 by 水晶之戀 Amethyst by Lalique紫晶 by Amethyst by Judith Leiber愛神 by 卡夏爾 Amor Amor by Cacharel愛神丘比特 by 卡夏爾 Amor Amor Absolue by Cacharel愛神青春熱情 by 卡夏爾 Amor Amor Elixir Passion by Cacharel愛愛禁吻 by 卡夏爾 Amor Amor Forbiden Kiss by Cacharel無限的愛 by 卡夏爾 Amor Amor Tentation by Cacharel愛慕 by 維特汀尼 Amore by Adrienne Vittadini愛慕 Amouage愛戀 by 普蘿法摩 Amour by Il Profvmo愛慕 by 卡素 Amour by Kenzo戀之花 by 卡素 Amour Florale by Kenzo安妮 Anais anais by 卡夏爾 Anais Anais by Cacharel留尼旺假期 by 阿蒂仙之香 Ananas Fizz by L'Artisan Parfumeur萊星頓大道 by 邦-9號 Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue by Bond No. 9蒙托克 by 邦-9號 Andy Warhol Montauk by Bond No. 9銀色夢工場 by 邦-9號 Andy Warhol Silver Factory by Bond No. 9安迪沃荷 紐約成功之道 by 邦-9號 Andy Warhol Success Is A Job in New York by Bond No. 9聯合廣場 by 邦-9號 Andy Warhol Union Square by Bond No. 9魔幻天使 by 紀梵希 Ange Ou Demon by Givenchy魔幻天使之秘密女人香 by 紀梵希 Ange Ou Demon Le Secret by Givenchy燦若晨曦極致版 by 紀梵希 Ange Ou Demon Le Secret Elixir by Givenchy溫柔魔幻天使 by 紀梵希 Ange Ou Demon Tendre by Givenchy奇異天使 by 紀梵希 Ange Ou Etrange by Givenchy魅幻天使燦若晨曦 by 紀梵希 Ange Ou Etrange Le Secret by Givenchy魔幻天使之秘密女人 by 紀梵希 Ange Ou Etrange Le Secret Elixir by Givenchy天使 by 泰尼莫格勒 Angel by Thierry Mugler天使之夢 by 維多利亞的秘密 Angel Dream by Victoria's Secret天使純真 by 泰尼莫格勒 Angel Innocent by Thierry Mugler安琪舒樂莎 by 安琪舒樂莎 Angel Schlesser by Angel Schlesser安琪舒樂莎 Angel Schlesser安琪舒樂莎 精華 by 安琪舒樂莎 Angel Schlesser Essential by Angel Schlesser by 安琪舒樂莎 Angel Schlesser So Essential by Angel Schlesser安妮絲 by 艾特魯 Anice by Etro安尼米爾 by 安尼米爾 Animale by Animale安尼米爾 Animale安尼米爾 by 安尼米爾 Animale Animale by Animale安娜蘇 by 安娜蘇 Anna Sui by Anna Sui安娜蘇 Anna Sui安霓可 Annick Goutal安東尼奧 巴德拉斯 Antonio Banderas by 帶槍茱麗葉 Anyway by Juliette Has A Gun幻影 by 恩加羅 Apparition by Ungaro幻影異域 by 恩加羅 Apparition Exotic Green by Ungaro天空精靈 by 恩加羅 Apparition Sky by Ungaro蘋果花 by 氣味圖書館Apple Blossom by Demeter花草水語之睡蓮 by 嬌蘭 Aqua Allegoria Flora Nymphea by Guerlain花草水語-薄荷青草 by 嬌蘭 Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca by Guerlain清鮮青檸 by 嬌蘭 Aqua Allegoria Limon Verde by Guerlain百合依蘭 by 嬌蘭 Aqua Allegoria Lys Soleia by Guerlain花草水語之柑橘羅勒 by 嬌蘭 Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic by Guerlain橙花伊甸園 by 嬌蘭 Aqua Allegoria Nerolia Bianca by Guerlain花草水語 - by 嬌蘭 Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune by Guerlain水凝動感 by 藍色和平 Aqua Motu by Comptoir Sud Pacifique阿拉伯 (女仕) by 蘆丹氏 Arabie by Serge Lutens雅頓美人 by 雅頓 Arden Beauty by Elizabeth Arden熱情 by Ardent by Boadicea The Victorious小水塘 by 普蘿法摩 Aria Di Mare by Il Profvmo雅門巴斯 Armand Basi亞曼尼女仕代碼 by 亞曼尼 Armani Code Femme by Giorgio Armani月色 by 亞曼尼 Armani Code Luna by Giorgio Armani芳香果汁 by 蘭蔻 Aroma Juice by Lancome倩碧露 by 倩碧 Aromatics Elixir by Clinique光韻 by 蘭文 Arpege by Lanvin阿仙奴 by 基爾根圖 Arsenal by Gilles Cantuel藝術系列 by 積歌蒙 Art Collection Series by Jacomo馬賽克藝術 by 松島正樹 Art Mosaic by Masaki Matsushima阿提密西亞 by 潘海利根 Artemisia by Penhaligon's艾斯特 by 邦-9號 Astor Place by Bond No. 9夜色迷離 by 納奧米坎貝爾 At Night by Naomi Campbell珍愛時刻 by 菲拉格慕 Attimo by Salvatore Ferragamo花樣傾城 by 菲拉格慕 Attimo L'eau Florale by Salvatore Ferragamo尼瑪拉 (女仕) by 慕蓮勒 Au Feminin Nirmala by Molinard雅寶信 Aubusson先兆 by 積歌蒙 Aura by Jacomo光芒 by 施華洛世奇 Aura by Swarovski維特汀尼 by 維特汀尼 AV by Adrienne Vittadini夜麝香 by 馬查貝利王子 Aviance Night Musk by Prince Matchabelli艾薇兒 Avril Lavigne愛是珍貴 by 阿莎露 Azzaro Duo by Loris Azzaro